Got ma nuts from a hippy.

Inverness is getting all holier than thou! The great artist Matt Baker has recently completed leading a team in the installation of the Three Virtues on Church Street in Inverness. The artwork was created after a year long process with local people suggesting ‘Virtues’ for 21st Century Inverness.

To help mark the launch (on 6 March) several artists were asked to create installations in the shop windows surrounding the virtues. As part of this, we created a two week long narrative in the shop front of a empty shop unit.

But do not fear, with DUFI the surreal is always near. We decided to characterise the virtues and ended up writing our own fable of the forest. The story was written in instalments, on the shop window, over the two weeks leading up to the event. And yes, the animals are real – but as exciting as all this was, I am sure they all felt a lot friskier before they were stuffed! (However, the badger seems to be a somewhat more sociable creature then we all expected – he now has his own bebo page).

Thanks to Inverness Museum for lending us the critters.

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