Talkin’ it over just the two of us…

It’s been a while we know but it’s not because we have been sitting around doing nothing. Quite the opposite in fact…so much has happened in the last few months that it’s maybe better to give you just the bullet point version.

DUFI ART Ltd was formed in October incorporating all the work of DUFI, MOOSE77 and Fin Macrae Photography. Life was just getting too busy/complicated/chaotic and the edges were blurring so much. This hopefully makes things a bit simpler for us – time will tell!

The Alvaston Project (Derby) is well and truly underway and going well. Loving working with the people of Alvaston and getting responses from folk during this information gathering and consultation stage. Particularly enjoying our carvery nighta in the Blue Peter pub, meeting with Anne and Janet at the OAP Social Club and jarring David for his lack of Scottish newspapers!!

A feasibility study we were asked to consult on in Greenock has become a full blown project and is about to start production in the next few weeks. We will post some images of this soon but involves wall and ground based steelwork and lighting solutions (working in conjunction with LUC and Lightfolio). An exciting project with good local involvement too in the forrm of Local Heroes.

Working with Scottish and Southern Electricity and some of the local youngsters in Hilton, Inverness through the Calman Trust we are finalizing plans for the substation on Dell Road. Our largest ever outdoor spraypaint and stencil job but we are looking forward to painting this in May/June.

The Carpenters – We’ve Only Just Begun
Close To You (1970)

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