Afraid to walk when it is not on water

The Inverness Streetscaping project has now been complete for almost a year and looking back it was perfect for us. We learned a lot with a bit of expert guidance from our good friend Matt Baker and the steadying help of Susan Christie.

To thank the participants in the streettext project, we held a small gathering for all the contributors on 29 April at Rendevouz Café on Church Street. This was at one time the old record store for us as kids. A place where we would buy the odd bit of vinyl, but more often than not cassettes of the latest ‘Now That’s What I call Music’ (for those of you under 18 please ask a real grown up what a cassette is…).

In true Highland style we have the impact of emigration and travel with contributors having moved as far away as New Zealand, the U.S. and even Devon. A bit difficult for these folk to be there on the night but they were not forgotten…

A great evening of music by the awesomely talented Calamatuer and food provided by Leisa, Andy and co at Rendevouz made for a pretty chilled out time – a big DUFI thanks to everyone who was there, who contributed and who made it all possible.
We were commissioned to produce a short film about Barron Taylor Street based on a piece of music by Calamatuer that had its premiere that night too – we will post it here shortly.

(photos from Ewen Weatherspoon)

Calamateur – Inhabit
White Light Unknown/Inhabit Single (2000)

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