Everybody’s got something to hide except for me and my monkey

We are a fair bit behind in terms of updates to work we have done but here is another new entry that shows the finished work at Broxburn swimming pool. (There are also more great images on the Shale People site). This job presented us with some new challenges and allowed us to look at the way we represented the work slightly differently. Instead of “fighting” with the brick pattern we decided to use that as a series of guides to work in. This is now the largest piece we have done (if the 4 bits of wall are taken together is a bit bigger than Jesus!) Our colour pallette was picked to reflect the two locations and think it is sympathetic to both the building itself and the environment that surrounds it.

This was completed over 5 days of mixed weather at the end of September with help from the pupils at Broxburn Academy. They really go stuck in and were a valuable asset as we worked hard through sun, rain and wind!

We also have to extend a huge thanks to recent art school graduate Dani-Louise Smith who really was a big help over the week and really seemed to enjoy working in a new medium – we look forward to seeing some of her new work with spraypaint!

Thanks again to Shirley-Anne Murdoch of Artichange who organised this. As usual her organisation made everything go smoothly – right down to the official photocall on the last day when we had local MP Graeme Morrice, SNP Councillor and Artichange member Janet Campbell, Academy Teacher Claire Anderson and Business Development officer Laura Machnik all joining us together with some of the pupils and the fabulous Betty Glenn (nee Curran) who really didn’t look like she was old enough to be our Gala Queen from 1953! Amazing how all that came to light over the course of the week and we are obviously delighted that someone recognised her from the artwork – all we have to wait for now is someone to recognise our Quoit playing miner from early last century…


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