Hey Jonny I’ve got faith in ya man…

More posts to come in the next week, but thought we should specifically welcome our newest team member – Jonny Sherlock joined us a month ago and this has been our first week in our new temporary office together. A Highland lad, Jonny has been taken on as Project Manager. Hopefully this will take some of the pressure off us in terms of office management and give us more time for badger related activities
In Jonny’s own words he brings “another dimension to DUFI”. Actually thats not Jonny’s words but rather those nice chaps from the Prodigy (see below…)

A lot seems to be happening all the time and we are going to spend some time trying desperately to get up to date with our news and then be more regular in our musings.

The Killers – Uncle Jonny
Sam’s Town (2006)

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