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Its been a while again since our last entry and things have been busy. Applying for lots of jobs – Canada, Sweden, England and of course Scotland – so lots of paperwork and beauracracy! Thankfully, we have had the expert assistance of Jonny to organise timelines and remind us of deadlines…
Despite all this we have managed to do a fair bit of creative work. It has been fun problem solving each of the applications we submitted along with the chance to do a bit of research into some possible new materials to work with as well. Will just have to wait and see.
Our big news is that we managed to get all the artwork completed for our Alvaston project and it as also been approved by Derby City Council so that has been something to celebrate! Now will just have to wait for the programme of works to be arranged but probably looks like it won’t happen until 2012.
Have attached a couple of images here as a bit of a taster – one is a section of the central reservation which will be over 80m long and is constructed from stainless and galvanised steel. The other image is of the font we have developed for Alvaston. The stories we uncovered from our visits there form the basis of the artwork so it was only appropriate we should create a font for the town. Nice and simple – “honest and down to earth” kind of sums it up. – AL

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