A prairie and a wind, Canada on the wire

Well, what a week it has been!

Work has been progressing well for the John O’Groats project, and the excitement is building as we get organised for a good week of painting.

On Wednesday morning we were delighted to find out we had been awarded a contract to create a permanent artwork for Invergordon. Titled Foundations, it is part of the Evolution Project which is organised by Invergordon Off The Wall. We plan to work with the local community to create interactive sculptures based on local words and stories. Below is one of the sketch proposals from our submission.

And what is with the image of the moose? Well it just got better on Wednesday evening as we discovered that we had been shortlisted as one of the four atists being considered for a permanent artwork in Edmonton, Canada! The Kingsway/Royal Alex LRT Public Art Project, commissioned by Edmonton Arts Council – a great organisation who are doing some fine work in “The City of Champions”. We are delighted to be collaborating with Matt Baker on this application, and are really looking forward to the opportunity of working with him again.

Oh Canada!  – AL

Runrig – Canada
Amazing Things (1993)

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