All in all you’re just another brick in the wall.

As promised here are some more shots of the paint job up in John O’Groats. A great week of spray paint, rollers and sunburn!

An amazing opportunity to paint the entire exterior of the derelict John O’Groats hotel. Our concept was to bring some childlike excitement and wonder back to John O’ Groats. The excitement of holidays, destinations, journeys and travel. The hotel presented itself as a great canvas to work on, with a massive expanse of sea and sky in the background. From a distance the hotel now looks like some offbeat fun fair has come to towm – with closer inspection individual works by each of the artist can be discovered.

The artist who worked with DUFI (us!) were: Richie Comming, Mike Inglis, Fraser Gray and Martin McGuinness. Thanks to everyone involved. – AL

DUFI installing Are We There Yet?
Detail of Mike Inglis paste-up
Are We There Yet? and Ernö by DUFI
Young Ruins by Richie Cumming
Detail of Fraser Gray’s work

Fraser Gray’s and Martin McGuinness’ details
Are We There Yet? and Ernö by DUFI
Are We There Yet? and Ernö by DUFI
Interior detail of Ernö by DUFI

Pink Floyd – Another Brick In The Wall
The Wall (1979)

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