Food, glorious food! Hot sausage and mustard!

Like anyone who runs a business, there are parts of our job that are the daily grind of work: spread sheets, bills, paperwork, deadlines, filing and tax returns. However, we would be among the first to admit that our job as artists and designers is pretty sweet a lot of the time – we get to make a modest living doing what we love and we get to be creative. A lot of our projects are a lot of fun (e.g. spray-painting anything we can!).

In public arts one of the challenges can be ‘community consultation’. On a wet and cold October evening having to go out to a ‘workshop’ might not sound the most appealing. However, last night highlighted one of the joys of what we have to do. We found ourselves sitting in the back hall of St. Joseph’s RC Church, in Invergordon. We were eating: samosas, spring rolls, scones, brownies, and a table full of other delights. Around the room were a welcoming and friendly group of people, representing seven nationalities, highlighting the diverse culture of the town.
This was the first steps with one of the groups we are planning to work with in our Foundations project through Invergordon Off The Wall, and we are very much looking forward to the journey. 
A big thank you to Father Richard Reese and to Richard & Sabine Cross for their help. _ FIN


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