I keep the wolf from the door…

It’s been a few weeks since we updated folks on what we are up to but it’s been a busy old time.

We’ve picked up a couple of interesting commissions that we have began working on.

One of which is for the Victorian Market in collaboration with Eden Court. We have been asked to design and paint a series of panels for the interior of the market for the Winter Festival on the theme of Fairy Tales. These will form the backdrop to a series of live performances by Eden Court. This will be a lot of fun and give us both the chance to read Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson again!

Gingerbread houses, red capes, wolves, apples and brave knights battling to save the damsel in distress…definitely something to look forward to. Here’s a wee piece by Gustave Doré to start with – if only we were as talented!

On a separate note, following on from the meeting we had with the Catholic Church as part of our Invergordon Off The Wall project we are meeting with our first couple of “chefs” on Monday to get some recipes and try some food. Not a bad job is it?! Will post some photos of that next week. – FIN

Radiohead – Wolf At The Door
Hail To the Thief (2003)

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