I want to make it with you…

Al has mentioned before the joys of our job and the exciting things we sometimes get to do. We had another one of those nights on Monday when we visited the Cross family in Nigg. As part of the Invergordon Off The Wall project we have been carrying on our research phase and did our first real interviews with Sabine and Richard while they prepared food. Sabine made her Fathers recipe for homemade bread (“Daddy’s Bread”)which he had perfected over a number of years.

While preparing everything she recounted stories about her past growing up in Invergordon as well as the amazing story of her fathers escape from Poland during WWII. Richard made his famous “Honey and Mustard Chicken” which only differed from the recipe on the back of the jar with the addition of red peppers instead of green! Needless to say Sabine’s bread was absolutely amazing served warm with butter and her homemade blackcurrant jam… ah, the trials we have to put up with in the name of art!

 There is a real flurry of activity here today as we get to the end of the week. Big job starting next week in Inverness and we are busy doing Risk Assessments and Method Statements…all artwork created and both Al and I keen to get started. Imagine we will have a few blogs up in the next few days to keep you all in the loop.

In the meantime a few pics to get your mouth watering… – FIN


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