I can’t hear you…

Over the last couple of months we have had the privilege of working with two different artists on album artwork.

The first album, The Quiet in the Land, is calamateur‘s latest and is a beautiful and honest evolution of his past sounds. This is the sixth piece of cover art we have designed for calamateur, and as always it has been an inspirational listen – another great album!

We designed the cover artwork as well as a 13 page album artwork download, with artwork for each track. – AL

For the second album we did a photo-shoot and design work for Dagger & Colin Gordon’s new album Like Father / Like Son.

“Arguably Scotland’s leading mandolin player for many years and he’s clearly passed his talent for negotiating strings and frets onto his guitar-playing oldest son, Colin. The pair are captured on this splendidly intimate album playing older Scottish pipe marches, dance tunes and airs, many of them long neglected … a splendidly intimate album.” The Herald

It has been ten years since we last worked with Dagger on his album Frozen River, so it was good working with him again and we look forward to working with him again in 2021 on his next album!


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