Once upon a time a girl with moonlight in her eyes…

Its been a pretty frenetic week or so as we have worked ridiculous hours trying to complete a commission for Eden Court Theatre in the Victorian Market, Inverness. We worked Monday to Friday last week beginning at 5.30pm and working till 2.00am – even 4.00am on Friday morning!

Our brief was to recreate Victorian styled Fairy tales and we gave them a wintry twist with the choice of colours etc. We used a huge amount of stencils and a fair whack of spraypaint – not the kind of thing we could do during the day!

After completing this we were then asked by Highland Council to do a Mail Box for Santa so we were back in yesterday doing that as well – Polar bear and North Pole included!

Definitely can see we are in the Christmas spirit… -FIN

Frank Sinatra – Once Upon A Time
September of my Years (1965)

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