Inside out and outside in you bring eyesight to the blind.

Been a long day yesterday and got back up North at about 10pm but it was worth it… Spent the day finishing our large wall pieces in a new optometrists showroom in Inverness (Goskirk Pettinger) and it was great fun. We ran into a few challenges last week but dealt with them and its looking pretty good now. 
Idea behind it began with a discovery in an old kids textbook of a description of sight and used the words “without light we would be lost” together with a couple of other statements we have included on the walls. The eye is an incredibly complex and beautiful part of the body and even something as seemingly simple as eye colour is pretty amazing. We took an iris and took a very thin vertical strip from the middle of this including the pupil and expanded it horizontally to create a series of stripes which made up our back wall. We also used a couple of sketches of lightbulbs together with rods and cones which we tied together with the stripes… we think it works and look forward to getting to see it when the shop is complete. 
In the meantime, here are a couple of images of the work as it was completed today. – FIN


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