Always be doing something cool

We’ve been working hard for the past couple of days for our Invergordon Off The Wall sculpture. Brainstorming, researching and putting together a few sketches and ideas for a meeting with the board tonight. Not wanting to give much away just now but lets just say we know a lot more about trees now…

Have also attached a few more images from another couple of our interviews with some of our chefs for the cookbook we are creating. We had a great evening with Father Reese where he entertained us with stories and made us one of his favourite meals – eggs on toast! Not the most difficult meal to make but just as valid as any other recipe.

We followed that up with visits to Barbaraville to meet the lovely Louisa and then Rhonda and her husband Sid. Great conversation and lots of laughs as well as great food (rice pudding and the cookie dough for Ice-cream sundae being standouts for me).

Both of us can’t remember the last time we have enjoyed the research aspect of the job so much. Glad to say we still have more to do! – FIN

The Twang – Ice Cream Sundae
Love It When I Feel Like This (2007)

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