As they fall, you’ll hear me I’ll call

So last night was a bit of a milestone as far as the Invergordon Off The Wall project went. All three artists were asked to present proposals for their pieces of Public Art for the town and it was a nerve wracking experience for us all.

We have kept our cards pretty close to our chest up to this point so it really was something new for them to get their heads around. It all went extremely well with a general consensus of agreement on our plans which was a pleasant surprise to us!

Our work so far has been centred around the gathering of stories and experiences (using the cookbook and Gaelic storytelling/song as a tool) and this idea of being “rooted and grounded” was a starting point for us. It really felt like our beginnings should be with a tree. The three languages are represented by upright pillars that are united by a circular ring of stainless steel. The work will constantly evolve as the seasons change and tree grows around and through the different sculptural elements.

It is proposed that the ground works will include text that runs down the base of the pillars onto the ground and out in three directions to represent roots and emphasise the cultural diversity of people within this small Highland town.

More will follow as time goes on but the works to go to planning for permission in the next month and the hard work begins after that…A wee sketch to give you a visual idea – remember its a sketch! – AL

Looper – Up A Tree Again
Up A Tree (1999)

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