Go play a video game

What a day – the sun is shining, we’ve had lunch and back in the office after a trip to Ullapool for a workshop at an talla solais (a visual arts centre in the village with great facilities). Are going to be doing a few workshops there with a group of pupils with the intention of designing a big piece for somewhere in the village.

Had fun today with grids and getting them to sketch something small in a pixel pattern that we hope they will be able to spray their own tags next week. We made a wee example for them ourselves (Pacman based!) and sprayed it on the pathway with chalk.

Followed this up with a trip to Rhue Art and the new gallery. Fantastic space to show in… Good to catch up with James and Flick Hawkins over a mug of homemade lemon and ginger tea and hear what new work James is experimenting with.

Back in the office now and doing paperwork. Ah, the yin and yang of being an artist. – FIN


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