Did someone’s heart break or did someone do somebody wrong?

Last week was a great week for us at DUFI – a day of brainstorming and creative thinking about Invergordon, putting our proposal together and presenting it to the board, a day in the office putting together quotes, finishing a few small jobs and getting some invoices done (unfortunately we can’t do everything we do for nothing!), a day on the West Coast doing a community workshop and then on Friday I managed to get out of the office and do a photoshoot! Almost the perfect mix of creativity and practicality for us…

Anhyhow, thought I would attached a few shots from Friday for you. While shooting for a client up at Culloden Battlefield I took a few pics of the building. Think its a really fantastic piece of architecture designed by Gareth Hoskins Architects (of Scotlands first Venice Architecture Biennale in 2008 fame). It blends really well into the environment with its choice of materials, exaggerated length and the way it sits on the horizon and skyline when viewed from the battlefield itself. – FIN

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