They are all within my reach, they are free.

It’s Friday and as another week draws to a close we finish with some images of food…

Spent Wednesday afternoon with Lucy Cylman in Invergordon as she prepared an amazing dish from her native Poland called Leczo. Both of us had a plate of this hearty stew of sausages, peppers and tomatoes and it made us look forward to our own visit to Poland in a few weeks time even more.

Having been here for about 6 years now she feels really settled and is here for life. One of the things she said to us in Polish translates as “It’s a dream living here” – beautiful , what more can you say.

Also met her husband and three kids – the eldest two sound as Easter Ross as you can get… the wee one only says “Hi-Yah” but she is only 15 months old!

We left with full stomachs, lots of stories, a sachet of Polish seasoning and a bottle of our favourite vodka Żubrówka – don’t you just hate us?! – FIN

Fang Island – Dreams of Dreams
Fang Island (2010)

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