And don’t you ever come down

This month has been a bit short on blog entries but certainly not short on work…

Last week the three big jobs we were working were on a book and wayfinding signage for Timespan (which is due to go out to production and print in the next day or two), getting stainless steel signage installed for the Victorian Market in Inverness and also working on the bike for TransmissionMongolia.

Its been busy!

A few pics of the bike are below but we are still working on the panniers (have been spray painted with a couple of coats of black and getting their first coat of lacquer today) The knot pattern is an Olzii and is commonly found as a repeating motif on Mongolian Yurts – something we thought was appropriate given that the lads will be leading a nomadic lifestyle themselves (and maybe trying some yak’s milk along the way…)

Will get some other images of recent work posted in the next few days too. Oh, and check out link to our blog below as well for a cracking tune. – FIN

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Spread Your Love
B.M.R.C. (2001)

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