Let’s change our roads, and chase them all around

The sun has been shining today (well for a while anyway…) but it certainly wasn’t shining on Saturday when we were at the Inverness Bicycle Festival.

We had been asked by IOTA to do some stencilled t-shirt’s using a couple of designs we had done specially for the event so were quite happy to help out.
At the start of the day things really weren’t looking promising at all with the rain tipping down (felt sorry for the folks at RockNess...even though I wouldn’t have minded being there myself) but rain did slow down and then we had a proper queue of kids waiting to get a t-shirt. Was a bit manic but we got there in the end with about 125 t-shirts being done in 4 hrs!!!
Couldn’t have managed it without the assistance of Kirsten from IOTA (THANKS!) and if we did it again would make sure we had a couple of extra hands to help out. – FIN


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