We set the flame and it burned so blue

The last few months have been hectic and life has been off the scale for us – both personally and work wise – but we have had a lot to do so thats not something to complain about.

Most of our efforts have been focussed on Foundations for Invergordon Off The Wall and we have a date for opening of the sculpture on the 16th November. We haven’t broken ground yet but that will be happening next week. Its all reaching a conclusion with all the parts of the jigsaw coming together at a rate of knots. It really forms some list when you put together what we have to achieve over the next 3-4 weeks…

Cutting, welding, fabricating, painting, etching, jet cutting, rolling, excavating, lifting, bolting, polishing, planting, paving…

Some of that has been completed today with the welding of our oversized steel foundation. It still has to be painted but it looks impressive and looks like it would hold up the Eiffel tower never mind our little structure.

Bring it on! – FIN


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