I have built a treehouse

All done!

Just got to get a few bits and pieces together – final budget, maintenance schedule and report – and then Foundations for Invergordon Off The Wall is completed!

It has been a long journey of about 18 months but we are really pleased with the results and so is the client so everyone happy. Along the way there have been some hurdles, challenges, tests and trials but with the help of the board and in particular Alan White (the Project Manager) they were all dealt with.

The launch went really well and despite there being a little rain and it being pretty cold we had a good turnout. Special thanks as well to Naomi Shoba from Eden Court CREATIVE and her team of performers from Invergordon Youth Theatre.

I have attached a few pics of mine together with a couple by Tim Winterburn. Have to admit to some Photoshop work on some of my shots – trying to imagine what it will be like next year when the grass has all grown in!

One other thing. Don’t know how many of you click the link to the band (see BLOG TITLE at the bottom of this entry to see the connection to the name of each blog entry) but this is a pretty upbeat song from an upbeat band and a pretty neat stop-frame animation done by a a student.

Enjoy the pics… heres to new work. – FIN

photo Tim Winterburn/HIE
photo Tim Winterburn/HIE


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