Hey, you are alone. You are alone. You are alone.

Happy New Year to everyone out there!

We just got back to work yesterday and are easing ourselves back into things slowly. Catching up on emails and catching up on whats happening in the creative industries and art world…

Prior to Christmas we were invited by IG:LU to take part in their joint show. Our installation “But take comfort in that I die at peace with the world and myself – not afraid” is a result of Al and I chucking a few ideas about. While thinking about winter themes came across some images of Scott in Antarctica. We then discovered that it was 100 years ago that the expedition failed so we have played with the idea of glorious failure (compared to 2012 being the year of huge sporting success for the UK) and misplaced patriotism. We made a crest-like wall piece that included icons of the winter and a motto together with two screen-prints. A metallic black one with Scott’s hut and a graphic distortion of the word ‘Aurora’ and a metallic white one with ‘Australis’ (together making The Southern Lights)

Attached is a couple of quick pics taken on the iPhone. Hopefully get a proper shot done soon! – FIN

Exitmusic – The Cold
Passage (2012)

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