Any colour you like

Last week saw us complete our third visit to Banchory since the project started, and it is safe to say that the community engagement aspect is well under way.

On Thursday we opened our Drop In Studio, on the High Street. The idea being that folk can visit us to find out about the project and to share their ideas. It also gives us a great chance to meet the community.

To help kick things off with a sugar rush we ordered cakes from the cracking Birdhouse Cafe and then rented an urn so that we could chuck a little caffeine into the mix!

On the first day we had somewhere around 60-70 visitors, very much due to Vhairi Walker who basically grabbed people off the street! Things went so well we opened the shop again on Friday afternoon and had at least another 50 visitors.

We started working on a series of short interviews with the team at Cordiners Sawmills. As well as meeting some lovely folk at the West Church Friday coffee morning.

We are looking forward to coming back down next week! – AL


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