It’s just a question of eliminating obstacles

We are back in the studio now for a few weeks while we put together our proposal for the artwork for Scott Skinner Square. This is a big piece of work and we have a lot of research to go through as part of this after the past three weeks spent in Banchory. Lots came out of the process that was very helpful and are delighted by the response we received from the people there.

The project itself has really dominated the last two months of our work and as we move into this next stage will really come into sharp focus – we should be going to planning in November. Obviously can’t go into details yet but some of things we have looked at include James Scott Skinner himself, St. Ternan (the Saint associated with the town) and some of the other themes that always attract us – story and place.

A bit of background? Banchory is a town of over 7000 settled on the bank of the River Dee about 18 miles west of Aberdeen. The population has expanded rapidly in the past 10 years and new development continues to keep pace with this, particularly to the west of town, in an area called Hill of Banchory.

Its a friendly town with a reputation for a high standard of living and education (the local Academy boasts a very successful academic record). A large proportion of residents work in the oil industry in Westhill, Aberdeen and Dyce which with its high salaries has helped pushed house prices to be some of the highest in Scotland.

So a dynamic, growing, prosperous place but not without its problems and challenges.

We do like a challenge though… – FIN

Sheryl Crow – No-one Said It would Be Easy
Tuesday Night Music Club (1993)

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