Our bones forever in stone, Monuments of life

After all this great weather we have been having (mostly…) it has turned pretty grim here. Not stopped raining all day and really getting pretty cold. Even weather warnings of high winds. Back to normal then. Looks like Nicolette and the team picked exactly the right time to visit Scotland and do all the pre-production filming at Aldourie Castle last week!

Ourselves? We are thankfully indoors for a while but it’s not quite so much fun costing jobs and putting those kind of details together. The good news is that we are doing it for our jobs in Banchory and in Derby which are taking shape nicely.
Derby is all ready to go – just a few small details to work on regarding risk-assessments and timescales but we are happy with the way its sitting now. We have also come up with names for the pieces which has taken a long time (maybe three years or so!). Will keep it quiet for now until the commissioner gives it the go-ahead.
Banchory is also ticking along nicely. We had a meeting with Nicola from Woodend Barn this week to outline some of our initial ideas and she was happy with the direction we were taking. Lots more to do on the overall plan and concept but for the moment we are learning about new materials and techniques. Its like being back at Uni – with the exception of actually doing something.
Rather than finish on a note like that. Someone whose work displays techniques and skills that we would love to master was Michael Grab from Gravity Glue. He is due to be in the final movie as well and what he does by combining rocks with patience is incredible. Definitely worth looking at his website. – FIN

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