It’s Friday, I’m in love

Friday afternoon in the studio and it’s hard to focus… A problem that Al and I seem to have on a regular basis. This used to be called an “orchid moment” but there is no orchid in the studio anymore. Instead we’ve got fish, Facebook and FreeAgent (our online book-keeping programme which we would recommend) to occupy us.

So what are we up to? Well, just made a draft film from clips we recorded with taxi drivers in Banchory. (Did any of you look at the video link throughout the Blog Title of last entry? Well worth doing if not – how many celebs can you spot?) Also working on 3D visualisations for our presentation to Banchory Town Improvement Group and tightening the whole proposal up.
Quoting for another really exciting project in Glasgow involving water-jet cutting a LOT of Cor-ten steel. At different stages at logos/branding solutions for – amongst others – a local rugby club, an egg farm, a mill, a smokehouse and a gallery. 
Still doesn’t get away from the fact its Friday though…

I’ve taken a pic of my studio desk. Just because I can. Here it is… – FIN


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