He actually, I think, wants to do the right thing

It’s been more than a month since we have put anything up here but we have the excuse of being working hard on our two major commissions.

Following discussions with Derby City Council we have decided to look again at the central reservation artwork. Our rationale behind the work was solid and it fitted the given brief – we had a challenge with risk management that despite discussions had no way of solving. It has been a hard decision to make and we thought that there might be some sort of workaround with the current designs. We will now re-evaluate what is integral to the structure and what parts we can alter. It’s hard to let go of our original plans but we know that something good will come from this…

Not quite back to the beginning but certainly back to the drawing board!

Banchory is moving forward as well. It all takes time and we have a lot to get through with this – even the small things take time. Today for example trying to establish whether using an M10 bolt tapped into a 25mm rod will damage the structural integrity required for one part of a seat (that’s the level of detail we are working at).

We are having fun with materials though. Just been sent samples of laser marking on stainless steel by Fimark. Have had this done before but not at the scale of materials we are considering using in this project.

The samples make good coasters as well! Time to put the kettle on… – FIN


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