As I lie in my bed there’s a space in my head where there used to be colours and sound…

Spending lots of time with a spray can in our hands just now which we are both enjoying. It’s such a breath of fresh air to be out of the studio and into the workshop – actually a “breath of fresh air” is probably not the right description (the fumes are pretty nasty).

Have quite a large palette to work with as well which has made for some interesting combinations of colours on the canvas. You can see that from our card we use for masking! Will get some actual pics on here once client has seen them.

While all this is going on we are also working on the branding solution for Banchory. A few ideas have grown out of the rationale we designed for them so think we are moving in the right solution with that.

Plenty interesting work going on then…long may it continue! – FIN

Marillion – Marbles I
Marbles (2004)

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