Yesterday I woke up sucking a lemon

Thought we would give you a sneaky peak at what we have been doing on our painting for the WQSEC so far. Can only show you sections – its all very top secret…

It has been fun getting into the workshop and working on this. Feel like we have a system that is responsive to letter shapes and how we see them connecting to each other. It combines our interest in graphics, typography and street art all in one go… Perfect.

Hoping that this will be finished in next couple of weeks as we only have to do another two or three layers to the work and then need to arrange delivery to Glasgow for installation which we anticipate being done before the end of next month.

Have taken a wee break from it this week as we have more pressing needs in regards to Banchory and completing the branding proposal for that. Its been a real challenge but hope we are getting closer! – FIN


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