This is a call to all…

Its the summer so that means a few things for us – praying for good weather, avoiding the rain (successfully managing that today – its gorgeous up here) and trying to schedule things around holidays – both ours AND everyone else’s. (Al is away just now…) This means that everything takes a bit longer than usual but we’re getting there.

A lot has happened since the last blog over 2 months ago and I promise that over the next week or so we’ll post some of that news. It includes the official new brand for Banchory, The final plans of artwork for Scott Skinner Square, photography from Spain and Morocco, finished artwork for The Scottish Epilepsy Centre, and a couple of interesting smaller branding exercises – including one for an egg farmer. I kid you not – we really have a diverse and wonderful portfolio of work at any one time!

Anyhow, big news just now is the call for artists we have put out this week. We are looking for five street artists or mural artists to work with us to create five artworks in Banchory in October. We are pretty excited about it and looking forward to curating this and getting our spray paint out again…

Click here to find out more on Creative Scotland website! – FIN


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