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The last couple of weeks have been spent prepping and then painting as part of the Banchory BASSLINE Murals project. DUFI were commissioned to curate and organise this project which involved six artists (us included!). We will get round to posting some more images in the next week but thought we would get some online just now.

After extensive interest (from around the world) and over 20 applications we narrowed it down to five very fine artists.

Fraser Gray. Edinburgh based artist who does large detailed murals using spray paint. Our friend, compatriot and fellow collaborator as part of the collective BLAMELESS. His work was a loose circular timeline of objects with a significance to the local area – including arrowheads, broken lemonade bottles, fiddles etc. – all revolving around the St. Ternan’s Celtic cross.

FiST. The supremely talented painter and illustrator from East Ayrshire who is now working extensively in spray painted murals who created a distinctive piece based round strong graphic elements together with industry past and present.

David Faithfull. A well known (and well liked!) artist/printmaker/lecturer based in Edinburgh who incorporated screen printing, rolling and brushing acrylics and varnish into his piece. His work was based on the Nine Stanes and the oak woods surrounding the Dee. The stones included two armchairs and symbols representing the different trades and personal histories from the town.

Shona Shirley Macdonald. A very skilled illustrator originally from Aberdeen but now living in SW Ireland. She created a fabulous diptych representing Banchory as home showing the importance of the river as represented by the returning salmon. She integrated beautiful illustrations within this of people, activities, animals and events important to the Dee and Banchory.

Natasha Todd. Recent graduate and abstract artist living in Edinburgh. Utilising both spray paint and acrylics she created work interpreting her vision of the Banchory’s colour palette as well as the low level architecture within the town and the surrounding environment.

All good guys to be with and we really enjoyed spending time together. Just hope the good people of Banchory take to it. Good positive response so far! – FIN

Dirty Projectors – Spray Paint (The Walls)
Rise Above (2007)

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