You drop the first ten years just as fast as you can…

A New Year is upon us. Hard to believe that DUFI began working on its first official job 10 years ago today!!! A project called Art S-inc up on the NW Coast in Scourie. We really had a lot to learn and went through an exhaustive process with group (VERY long – for both them and us!) before producing the final piece of work in the Village Hall.

Although it’s been a decade it’s hard to know if that feels like a lifetime ago or a blink of the eye. Probably a bit of both. I wonder where all these guys are now – Married? Kids? Still in Scourie or moved on to somewhere more exotic (like Lochinver!)

So this year we are going to celebrate these ten years working together – subcontracting work to each other, then forming the partnership in 2006 and then combining all the business together in 2009.

Over next few months we will be doing giveaways, competitions and generally just being generous all round good guys – we might even bake someone a cake (or make a schnitzel).

Watch this space… – FIN


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