Some had scars and some had scratches, It made me wonder about their past

We said that we would get photos of the completed artwork’s from Derby up here and we are pleased to be able to get the first images from up online.

Honest & Down To Earth Part 1 is fabricated using cast ductile iron and made in Scotland (from girders?!) at Ballantine Castings in Bo’ness – a 7th generation family owned business. With the help of Gavin and the good folks there they overcame a number of challenges to get this made. It went from there to Harrisons Engineering in Lancashire to get painted and sealed with all kinds of magical paint – and a good job they made of that too. A special thanks goes to Joe and Chris for getting this done and delivered to site safely.

The benches themselves were also made in Scotland by Duncan at Uphall Wood – the superbly talented bloke used reclaimed oak timbers and even managed to get our tag in there as well using walnut inlay!

Text came from our research with various groups in Alvaston. One older gentleman at the Alvaston & Boulton Social Club talked about the challenge of living with a disability and told us something his dad used to tell him… “They don’t put the jumps and hurdles in a horse race to stop the race, they put them in to make it more interesting” That’s a true thing, really.

Amen to that – a true thing really. – FIN


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