Get up, get up, get busy…

It’s taken a while but it’s now official. We got our letter of appointment from Aberdeenshire Council for the next part of the Banchory project telling us we can proceed with the fabrication and build of the artworks for Scott Skinner Square! It keeps rolling along nicely.

A pre-start meeting will be held soon and then we can start working with the contractors to get everything in place. Signage, way finding etc. is underway and there will soon be the main town signs in place in Banchory. It’s all good news and with things moving we can also begin looking for our next project…got something really exciting we are planning to apply for which if we were successful with would a lovely commission to do running in parallel with this.

Have attached a few drawings of what is going into the square which includes sketch-up models of the seating cubes and table. Still got the straight bench and curved bench to do. Will get drawings of the sculptural lighting columns up here too at some point.

A lot of this work will be done locally to us with Metalwork UK and Shandwick Engineering doing a lot of the steel fabrication and parts for us.

Exciting times… – FIN

Technotronic – Get Up (Before The Night Is Over)
Pump Up The Jam (1989)

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