Sometimes I wonder if the World’s so small

This month’s giveaway for our 10th year anniversary is very personal to me and something that means a lot to both Al and I.

After four years of dealing with epilepsy and being diagnosed with a brain cavernoma I made a very difficult decision. In less than two weeks I will be be going to Glasgow for a craniotomy to remove the cavernoma.

As you can imagine this is not a decision I have made easily. A lot of thought, prayer and advice led me to a place where this seemed to be the way forward. If successful this could improve my quality of life. It certainly will remove the risk of bleeding on my brain and in the best possible scenario may even help in reducing my epilepsy.

We have made a screen print to raise awareness of the condition and to raise funds for the charity Cavernoma Alliance UK. It brings fellow sufferers together as a support network and acts as an advocate to fight for more research into cavernomas. The screen print is inspired by our good friend Jonny who is currently on an epic journey cycling across Canada for the charity. Called COAST to COAST he is aiming to raise £4134 – a pound for every mile of his journey. Please follow this on Facebook and contribute via the Just Giving page.

Jonny was there when I had my first seizure in John O’ Groats while working on the “Are We There Yet?” project with friends from the Blameless collective. My surgery will happen four years to the day that happened.

Please enter to get the chance to win one of these special 4 colour screen prints on Colorplan 270g paper. There is a very limited edition of these made and if you don’t win the print please contact us – – to get one of them. We are looking for a minimum donation of £25 per print and want to raise £1000 from this. HUGE thanks to Alison and John at Highland Print Studio as well!

As usual, to be in with a chance to win follow us on Facebook, on Instagram (AL), Instagram (FIN) or Twitter. If you follow us already then share, retweet (use #DUFIfree05) like, email us, send carrier pigeon, pop in for a cup of tea…
Will let everyone know who the winner is by Friday 26th and will get it sent out.

Last month’s winner of the stencil was Rachel from Wester Ross – again selected at random!

Will hopefully blog again next week but thanks to everyone out there who is supporting me, encouraging me and most of all praying for me. God bless – FIN


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