It started out today, I feel alive and the air has changed

Nothing this year – not one blog. Poor I know, but when you are a one man band it can get a bit like that. To say that the last few months have been busy would be an understatement.

Barely taking time to draw breath here.

Between my last entry and this I have been working on all kinds of everything! Photoshoots for a band and an artist. Branding solutions for a catering company, an undertaker, an IT firm, a jewellers, a community enterprise company and a local small company doing boat trips! Branding and packaging/marketing material for a chocolate company, a food preserves company, a large tour company in Edinburgh. Then there is the catalogues, brochures, business cards etc. for regular clients…

Together with this I have also been working on a communication project and also a public art commission.

Oh, and I also took a month off to go explore Guatemala, Belize and Honduras with my girls.

But, Its all good. I’m so thankful for the work and although I miss my sidekick (love ya Al!) I am enjoying working on my own again. Hopefully one day we’ll be able to collaborate on something “ministerial” – maybe a new Jesus portrait?!

So, pictures? Right, this will take a bit of time to organise but have a few digital shots below from South America. Will have to get some up here of work too. Hopefully you won’t have to wait for that for another 4 months… – FIN

p.s. check out song from blog title this time (details at bottom of entry). Loving it.

Shoe Shining, Zona 1, Guatemala City, Guatemala
Pigeons, La Merced Church, Antigua, Guatemala
Volcan del Feugo, Antigua, Guatemala
Chilli & Cinnamon, Market, Zona 1, Guatemala City, Guatemala
Early Morning, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
Dog & Boy, Lanquin, Guatemala
Lobster Fishermen, Harbour, Placencia, Belize
Grass, Mangrove, Monterico, Guatemala
Trees, Mangrove, Monterico, Guatemala
The Pacific, Monterico, Guatemala

Philip Selway – Coming Up For Air
Weather house (2014)

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