Monday you can fall apart…

Friday. At last. Another manic week of work over and the weekend is nigh. It’s hard to believe another couple of months have almost slipped away and its such a cliche but its true “time flies”. I have been busy which has been good but I have also been well which is even better – now more than a year since my last seizure and I have now applied for my drivers licence. Am so thankful and its all very exciting but equally quite scary (for me and probably more so for other drivers!)

This week I have mostly been working on a new catalogue for an artists show, a brochure for a funeral director and packaging for a food company. Was also at the XPO North conference in Inverness which was good. A couple of excellent talks (one called “Beyond the Logo” – looking at the process and not just the product, another on “Your location as your USP” – something important for us up here in the Highlands) and good to meet up with friends old and new to share ideas and a couple of beers/gins in the cocktail bars of Inverness…

One of the best parts of XPO North are the band showcases around Inverness and managed to see some good music. Can’t beat live music. Check out Catholic Action, We Came From Wolves, Amatr Art and local metal band The Broken Ravens.

Am itching to tell about other project but it’s pretty well under wraps just now but if it goes ahead I will be completely stoked. Early stages of branding just now but will give you a wee clue – Cheers!

Thats it for now. Enjoy your weekend – FIN

The Cure – Friday I’m In Love
Wish (1992)

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