You used to say you were scared of heights; you said you got dizzy

Summer holidays here are nearly finished but don’t even feel like they really began. The weather here has been awful and today kind of sums it all up – cloudy, chilly and strong possibility of rain. These kind of conditions suit the average pessimistic optimist (known to most people as a “Scot”).

Just before we went away on our own summer holidays to Liverpool and London (where the weather was good!) I put in an application for a couple of commissions through Public Contract Scotland for the Inverness Castle Viewpoint. The North tower is being renovated and turned into a tourist attraction and there were four commissions offered. The application was a nightmare – not the Commissioners fault but not the best process to go through for the kind of projects where you expect artists and small design companies to apply. We were literally driving down South and dropped the application off on the closing date…

To cut a long story short I was told awarded BOTH of them. To say I am pleased would be an understatement…
I had put a couple of collaborators down with me and am looking forward to working with both Gregor (a pal from Tide Design in Inverness) as well as Fumio Obata, a very talented Japanese graphic artist and comic book writer. 
More to follow. – FIN

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