How did you know I needed you? How did you know I needed you so badly?

Hands up who doesn’t like chocolate? Nobody? Thankfully I do like chocolate and it’s just as well. I have been working for the rather wonderful Jazz and Abi Rodriguez from the rather special Highland Patissier. These guys are really passionate about chocolate and were looking for budget-conscious way to brand and package their chocolate bars, boxes and bags. Jazz is from Mexico (the real home of chocolate!) and we wanted to integrate that in some way into his new brand. The Aztec patterns reflect some of his heritage as well as helping to distinguish the different flavours (Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Raspberry are my favourites)

If you get the chance to buy them don’t hesitate – they are worth it. If you feel like indulging more then buy their handmade individual chocolates as well. The White Chocolate with Passion Fruit is pretty special… – FIN


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