Graphic Design

The flowers in spring, The birdies that sing… The best things in life are free!

Our second giveaway of the DUFI 10 year birthday celebration and something a bit different for all you sketchers and note-take

Don’t ever forget to tell somebody

So, here it is…Our first giveaway of the DUFI 10 year birthday celebration and its a cracker! KEEP READING FOR DETAILS.

You got me feelin’ brand new, like the tags still on me

The third “arm” of our Banchory project was to create a brand identity that celebrates and promotes Banchory as a

Yesterday I woke up sucking a lemon

Thought we would give you a sneaky peak at what we have been doing on our painting for the WQSEC so far. Can only show you sec

It’s Friday, I’m in love

Friday afternoon in the studio and it’s hard to focus… A problem that Al and I seem to have on a regular basis. Th

You were the dreamboat pedalo…

As promised we said we would get something up here soon so will start with our week in Edinburgh working on the Halmyre Street

Do not be discouraged, for I have news for you

There is nothing quite like opening boxes of new printed matter to brighten up a Friday afternoon! We have recently creat

…I dreamt you dreamt that I was a bird.

Just to prove that things are never the same for us…last week was spent in the Highland Print Studio working on screen p

All we like sheep…

Over the last few weeks we have been working a lot on a commercial project for Fearn Farm as they launched out into a new busi

I’m not too hot on Dukes or Earls or Graces

The last two weeks have held some ups and downs, unexpected turn of events and pleasant surprises. One of the ups was the deli