Invergordon – Foundations

I had watched you taking in the spring

We decided to make a trip to Invergordon to see how our public art piece Foundations was holding up after a wet winter. Both o

I have built a treehouse

All done! Just got to get a few bits and pieces together – final budget, maintenance schedule and report – and the

…like the kids in art school said they would

A very short entry… Our sculptural installation Foundations has been finished and will be officially launched tomor

All art has been contemporary…

Work on Foundations continues and last week was one of those week’s where everything seems to have gone to plan. We are

Hard how to picture a me without a you

The tree arrived with us last Thursday and it is a bit taller than we expected but its perfect – no leaves on it but the

We set the flame and it burned so blue

The last few months have been hectic and life has been off the scale for us – both personally and work wise – but

They are all within my reach, they are free.

It’s Friday and as another week draws to a close we finish with some images of food… Spent Wednesday afternoon wit

I can’t see their faces…

The last few days have been pretty busy editing images I shot for IOTA at Culloden and Al has put together a short film of som

In my heart lies a memory to tell the stars above

Cucumbers – to me, the slightly unwelcome addition to the top of some lettuce leaves…whoever thought you could mak

As they fall, you’ll hear me I’ll call

So last night was a bit of a milestone as far as the Invergordon Off The Wall project went. All three artists were asked to pr