Let’s change our roads, and chase them all around

The sun has been shining today (well for a while anyway…) but it certainly wasn’t shining on Saturday when we were

And the sunlight hurts my eyes

 I was in Inverness yesterday afternoon and while walking through the old town I couldn’t help but notice one of ou

The call of the steel that would never stop

Just got a picture sent to us today from our fabricators in Glasgow of steelwork for new signage we have designed for the Inve

I can’t see their faces…

The last few days have been pretty busy editing images I shot for IOTA at Culloden and Al has put together a short film of som

Did someone’s heart break or did someone do somebody wrong?

Last week was a great week for us at DUFI – a day of brainstorming and creative thinking about Invergordon, putting our

I strip away the old debris that hides a shining car.

Just over a week ago Inverness was host to the fine folks from Team Recoat – including Death Rattles, Syrkus, Lyken

Afraid to walk when it is not on water

The Inverness Streetscaping project has now been complete for almost a year and looking back it was perfect for us. We learned

Summer has come and passed

September was a good month! IN HONOUR OF SEPTEMBER went well, the artists involved all did Inverness proud, and the response o

So come and dance with me…

It appears someone has got the wrong end of the stick and feels a little left out of the circle of love… But glad to see

I’ll save my good side for you

A new entry will appear shortly – just giving you the heads-up that “In Honour Of September” has been comple