Where the blacktop cracks weeds spark through

Have had a busy old week – Al back from India so had to find his feet again pretty quickly. He had a great trip although

All of these moments I’ll never replace…

Many of you know how important photography is to me and its use as a form of artistic expression. I have a number of obsession

All we like sheep…

Over the last few weeks we have been working a lot on a commercial project for Fearn Farm as they launched out into a new busi

You and I parted ways…

Its been a very long time since we blogged and its not because we’ve been sitting around doing nothing… Over last

Take me to my beach

Last month might have seemed quiet as we only did two blogs, in fact it was quite the opposite…We can’t believe ho

And the sunlight hurts my eyes

 I was in Inverness yesterday afternoon and while walking through the old town I couldn’t help but notice one of ou

What a feeling in my soul love burns brighter than sunshine

Its basically far too nice a day to work indoors (as it has been for the last 3 or 4 days) with temperature records for March

The call of the steel that would never stop

Just got a picture sent to us today from our fabricators in Glasgow of steelwork for new signage we have designed for the Inve

Everybody wants a little something good

Our Friday look back… This time last year I was away in Sri Lanka for 4 weeks. Plenty of touring and some photography al

You could wait for a lifetime to spend your days in the sunshine

Al and I have just returned from a few days R&R with some mates in Gdańsk, Poland. We did drink a few vodkas and eat a fe