Public Art

As I lie in my bed there’s a space in my head where there used to be colours and sound…

Spending lots of time with a spray can in our hands just now which we are both enjoying. It’s such a breath of fresh air

He actually, I think, wants to do the right thing

It’s been more than a month since we have put anything up here but we have the excuse of being working hard on our two m

The bells are ringing. They’re ringing in the square.

New Year, New resolutions, New Challenges… It’s good to start with a bang and that’s what is happening. Thur

It’s Friday, I’m in love

Friday afternoon in the studio and it’s hard to focus… A problem that Al and I seem to have on a regular basis. Th

Yes, here we go again, give you more, nothing lesser

The best part of the last six weeks has been spent in the studio sifting through the mountain of material we gathered in the e

Our bones forever in stone, Monuments of life

After all this great weather we have been having (mostly…) it has turned pretty grim here. Not stopped raining all day a

It’s just a question of eliminating obstacles

We are back in the studio now for a few weeks while we put together our proposal for the artwork for Scott Skinner Square. Thi

Any colour you like

Last week saw us complete our third visit to Banchory since the project started, and it is safe to say that the community enga

In this line of work, it never hurts to plan

In the last seven weeks, we have been tearing around the country like sales reps on double time. Between: Fin running workshop

But if you’re worried about the weather, then you picked the wrong place to stay

This weekend was the summer solstice, and we spent it ducking out of the rain and relishing patches of sun at the Solas Festiv